#2 Love Your Self

We have all had a number of relationships in our life, some more important than others, some that have shaped us in ways we seem to not even sometimes be able to recognize until later, and still others we may wish to never have had.

No matter what your relationships have been like or how many or few you’ve had, *you* have been in them all and have felt what effects they have had on you even if you weren’t always able to convey what those effects were.

This next process for loving your self involves your self in relation to others. Bring to mind the person that you feel the most love for out of all others and just sit with the image of this person in your mind and feel into what this love that is coming from you because of this person feels like.

Now bring to mind an image of you and while you see yourself in your minds eye apply all the feelings you just experienced about the person you love most in the world to your self. If it helps your vision you may also do this while looking at your reflection in a mirror or pool of water.

Was it as easy for you feel the same feelings of love for your self as it was for the person you love most in the world? If so, wonderful – and if not then now is the time to explore what happens to your sense of love in relation to others when considering your self.

Feel free to journal your observations when complete.

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I'm an archer, domestic goddess, healing artist, writer, teacher, connector, muse, heroine, mermaid, builder, gardener, chef, choreographer, plant whisperer, adventurer, priestess, student, creative, visionary, designer, rebel, musician.

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