#2 – Love Your Self

Take some time right now to do a scan of your body. Starting at the bottom of your body, bring your attention to what feelings or sensations are present as you breathe fully in and out in a relaxed manner. Note any feelings of discomfort, tension or congestion. *For most people the bottom of ourContinue reading “#2 – Love Your Self”

#1 – Love Everything

Because of course, when there’s nowhere else to put the love it will reside here. The concerns about your home, what you’re going to do about the state of your >insert applicable word here<, the ongoing questions that just seem to come out of nowhere (they do come from nowhere…more on this later) and soContinue reading “#1 – Love Everything”

#1 – Love Your Work

Like a number of families in the 70’s, my parents divorced and, for the briefest of periods, I experienced dual households until my mothers work for the military took her oversees. Then it was just living in my fathers home with my brother and father. I learned something then that I’ve only recently started toContinue reading “#1 – Love Your Work”


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