#6 – Love Your Work

We will do all kinds of work in our life, whether for money, advancement, or self discovery – all because we are unable not to produce something for even our smallest efforts, such is the wonder of our ability. What love has to do with this is about the pleasure we experience from working –Continue reading “#6 – Love Your Work”

#6 – Love What’s Fun

Ok, maybe bowling isn’t your jam, after a couple games and even alternating between using both hands it’s not particularly fun for me either (and I like bowling!), but for today, the idea around fun that I’m inviting you to explore is one of reconsidering that which you may not think could be fun. HaveContinue reading “#6 – Love What’s Fun”

#6 – Love Your Self

Today is another opportunity to view your self from a different angle. This is another way to love your self, though some may say it’s just another way of looking at your self – either way, sometimes we have to look at our selves differently in order to love our entire self. We are notContinue reading “#6 – Love Your Self”


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