#6 – Love Your Self

Today is another opportunity to view your self from a different angle. This is another way to love your self, though some may say it’s just another way of looking at your self – either way, sometimes we have to look at our selves differently in order to love our entire self. We are notContinue reading “#6 – Love Your Self”

#6 – Love the Unknown

A friend recently shared this picture on his social media and while it suggests that there is a knowing that’s taking place, today I will invite you to consider the unknown in your self as well as in others. We all experience perceptions of what others think about us in our lives and have reciprocatedContinue reading “#6 – Love the Unknown”

#5 – Love What’s Fun

I spotted these words painted on a house in Philadelphia when I was visiting there recently and have shared them with many friends, family and clients since. Today I’m sharing them with you for a few reasons. Certainly, the message couldn’t be truer for many, this much is clear and in some future entries I’llContinue reading “#5 – Love What’s Fun”

#5 – Love the Unknown

I received news the other day that a friend from high school had passed away, by his own hand, though there was nothing directly pointing to that being the cause – perhaps some of my former classmates and group of friends were in on the conversation offline or elsewhere, but it seemed clear enough thatContinue reading “#5 – Love the Unknown”


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