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Our world is made up of communities and we LOVE sharing info about some of the really awesome ones we’ve come across over the years. No matter where you’re from or where you’re going, there’s always a place for you in this world – so if you’re searching for a community that’s right for you, let TimeSpaceOne help you discover what all the world has to offer you!

TimeSpaceOne Communities

We’re so excited to share the news that the Pittsburgh area is FINALLY going to get its own EcoVillage! The Rachel Carson EcoVillage will be located on the Eden Hall Campus of Chatham University’s Falk School of Sustainability in Gibsonia (only 30 min. from downtown!) and we’re looking for members to join the community!

For more info on other communities in the US and around the world check out:

US Cohousing

Foundation for Intentional Community

Global Ecovillage Network

Some of our favorites (which we’ll highlight periodically) are:

Arcosanti (Arizona)

Earth Haven (North Carolina)

Findhorn (Scotland)

Damanhur (Italy)

Locally, Pittsburgh is rockin’ an AMAZING amount of communities (90 in fact!) and Discover the Burgh has made it their job to help you get to at least one cool spot in each of our 90 neighborhoods via their guide….so check it out and get exploring today to see what fun awaits you in the Steel City!

While it may be a lot to take in the diversity of neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh, if you’re looking for something more specific we have some suggestions you may not have heard about that are listed here – check back as the list will change periodically.

Not long ago, two friends and collaborators had some conversations…..about their desire for a space grounded in community. A space to make meaningful connections. A safe space to step out of your comfort zone and meet women with different backgrounds, career paths, life stories. A space to  expand your network just by showing up. A space to check out and learn new things you might not even know you wanted to try. A space to be together. And they created it! Visit The Salon today.

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