#8 – Love Your Community

With 8 billion people now inhabiting the planet, communities are everywhere! I’ve been considering all the different ones that I’ve been a part of lately since the month I’m writing this in marks the 30th year I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, longer than anywhere else I’ve lived in my life.

But something I’ve realized over all this time whilst searching for a smaller, more like a tribe, and within closer living (i.e. walking) distance to each other community is that even if I do someday see that reality happen, all the other communities that I’ve been a part of will still exist and I’ll move through them as I’ve done previously because I love them all.

What stands out to me most is that even though I’m not from Pittsburgh, I’ve felt welcomed into the different communities I’ve explored and still feel welcome today into new ones that I find my way to….like the small one the other night I became a part of that was comprised of whatever musicians, singers, neighbors, and patrons who showed up intentionally or randomly that shared in song and drink and community for a few hours.

Are there different communities you’ve wanted to explore in your neighborhood or town but haven’t yet, for whatever reason? Be it for just one day or for a lifetime, communities come in all shapes and sizes and there are many, be it in person or online, that are welcoming to new folks. So for today, the process you can engage in is exploring a new community that you’ve been wanting to – is there a meeting happening you can attend or someone in particular that’s part of a community you’ve been wanting to reach out to and connect with? Today’s your opportunity friend!

*And if you’re local and want to come play music and sing or just enjoy the harmonious vibes at the Monterey Pub on the Northside, Mark Dignam and Ol Whitetail will be there for the remaining Thursday evenings in February @ 7:30

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