The ongoing evolution of a book on love

Over the years, I’ve written my autobiography (thanks NaNoWriMo for the inspiration to perform under *pressure*), numerous articles for publications and poetry – and filled more journals with musings than I can recall – but over the last few years I’ve been piecing together an outline for a book on the different ways of loving that I’ve decided to get going via this platform (Scrivener, I love ya and will be transferring all the entries over eventually!) and it’s time to, well, get a move on!

Sometimes I’ll be jotting down ideas (since there’ll be 365 entries total) for any given way, and other times the whole shebang will be laid out for folks to preview – either way, I’m excited to share a different way of gathering the work with you and welcome any thoughts you may have ❤️

Published by TimeSpaceOne

Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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