One thing that’s been pressing on me for longer than I’d like is the need to completely overhaul/merge/re-create the TimeSpaceOne website and its arms (like the healing arts one).

It’s been an extremely busy last 4 years to say the least and it finally feels like I can breathe a bit and really consider just how I want to re-design the site (especially given all the template options and myriad other features that WordPress offers!) so bear with me as the changes occur since I imagine things will sometimes not always work or look quite right as I navigate things.

Thanks and much love – looking forward to a whole new site for 2021!

Published by TimeSpaceOne

I'm an archer, domestic goddess, healing artist, writer, teacher, connector, muse, heroine, mermaid, builder, gardener, chef, choreographer, plant whisperer, adventurer, priestess, student, creative, visionary, designer, rebel, musician.

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