*1 – Love The Earth

Your first, most important and likely only home. Before the womb you grew in and place where you slept outside that womb, the first day you appeared as your own unique self….this planet that has so many mysteries that we may never solve, so much life giving and taking energy, and is the singular landing space for so many others… is only as nurturing to us as we are to it.

If we care, we make it our goal to express that care. Loving the Earth and all that’s a part of it starts with loving ourselves so check your gauges and once you’re feeling loved up enough on yourself I’m going to invite you to do this: if you are not already in a more direct contact with the Earth while reading this (have a window open for fresh air, sitting on natural ground outdoors, something along these lines), then take a few minutes to orient yourself so you are in a more direct contact with the Earth.

Once oriented, breathe a couple breaths of gratitude for the moment, for the support the Earth is providing you and for your life as it is – even if your life may not be going *exactly* as you’d like.

You are loved. You are love. Give whatever other expression of love that comes to mind to the Earth in this moment.

Published by TimeSpaceOne

Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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