1* – Love The Unknown

The other day I took my child to a festival where they were meeting a friend to explore and rejoice in the reason for the event. Since they were only going to be visiting each other for a couple hours, I explained to them that I would just be there as well since I wanted to see the vendors and such and when we met with their friend, their mother also expressed the same sentiment – as well as that she would not actually be letting their kid out of her site.

As we exchanged pleasantries about whether I would take leave and let her be responsible for both children I communicated that I planned on staying as well and just like that, an adventure with someone new began!

I had only heard of the friend my child was meeting but this day was my first time meeting them and I could see that the two of them were quite enamored with each other, even though I’m pretty sure they haven’t really known each other for more than a couple months. Regardless, they were off and skipping about while I fell into conversation with the mother about her life and mine while we trailed not too far behind the kids.

As we moved about and chatted, I could practically see the inner workings of my brain systematically sorting and filing away information about this person who was divulging all manner of facts about their history, parsing through what tidbits to explore further and what to just let lie.

And somewhere else in my brain between the music surrounding it, excited shouts of the festival goers and idle banter with the kids, I could also feel a swelling surge of love toward this complete stranger that offered themselves to me and my litany of questions (conversing with me I think can sometimes feel like being in an interview – ahhhhh the neurodivergent brain!) in what mostly to me felt like a fairly fluid exchange of getting to know someone just to get to know them.

That love does drive this on some level is what I’m inviting you to investigate further for yourself today. Is there something or someone you’re curious about that you have wanted to learn more about and if so but you haven’t acted on this curiosity, why haven’t you?

Only those who choose (and do) end their lives know how much time they have left (and it’s probably safe to say that on some level they’re perhaps *too* curious about what’s unknown/on the other side of life) so don’t wait. That park not too far from you that you keep wanting to go check out is ready for you. The person on the bus that you see every day looking curiously at you and that you also wonder about could be your next best friend. Whatever it is, don’t wait. When we make the unknown known we share that much more love….and that’s always a good thing.

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