*1 – Love What’s Fun

This particular life, no matter what your beliefs, hopes or desires are, is finite (at least for now!) and if you haven’t figured out what is fun for you then we’re gonna get to that with this aspect of loving right now.

As a person that lives with dysthymia and autism (not the best roommates but….I’ll take them over some other more questionably upsetting to life disorders!), I have meditated on, especially in the last handful of years or so, what it means to have fun or be fun or if fun is even really a thing (special thanks to you dysthymia).

For about a decade now, I’ve utilized a power word every year to help keep focused on a theme that feels like being and possibly even needs to be explored – and I’ll admit I do chuckle ruefully when I think back to the first year that “fun” was my power word, which was 2018. A couple weeks into the year my father unexpectedly passed away and I couldn’t help but groan to myself when I heard the news “Great, this’ll be LOADS of fun!”

Suffice to say, my power word remained unchanged for that year and while processing my fathers estate proved to not only be grueling (he had a dozen or so properties that were all filled for the most part from basement to attic with all manner of nonsense) but also so completely maddening that while I did what I could to have fun in the off moments between the island his properties were on being flooded a couple months after his death (and all the 30 some odd vehicles that were also improperly stored being drowned in the process), the irony of my choosing fun over the myriad other options as not just a word, but concept, to be with was as present to me then as it is while I write this.

The question remains though, what is fun? Given the time we’re all living in it does still seem as though it’s unchanged from its original definition but…..are you having it at least once in your day, in this day? And if not, then here’s your opportunity to do so.

We’ll start with something easy and familiar. Music. Either bring a song up on your music player or sing/hum/dance to a favorite that’s easy to access in your mind. Play and repeat if desired. If this isn’t a part of your daily fun regimen then I invite you to incorporate it into all the other perhaps not so fun things that live on your to do list.

Personally, I like starting each day with a favorite song but even I don’t remember at the start of every day to take the few minutes to have this most joyful experience (tho I DO tend to listen to music throughout the day and look for/listen to songs I enjoy so I’m counting this for now!) but with this writing, I pledge to now add this to my waking rituals.

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