#1 – Love Everything

Because of course, when there’s nowhere else to put the love it will reside here. The concerns about your home, what you’re going to do about the state of your >insert applicable word here<, the ongoing questions that just seem to come out of nowhere (they do come from nowhere…more on this later) and so on.

When you’re feeling like you just don’t know what the heck to do next, aren’t sure where you’re or anything else is going, can’t tell if you’re coming, going or missed the whole thing altogether…..here, in everything that is love, is where you can come to.

Because when it all comes down to what there is, it’s really just love or fear.

And sure, fear has its place – like, to keep you from crossing the path of the snake that just appeared in front of you on the trail that could very well be of the poisonous variety or to play in traffic because *death is a real factor*, but overall, fear tends to factor a LOT more into our daily lives and for no other significant reason than our lack of awareness that it’s ruling a LOT of our decisions and subsequent outcomes of our lives.

So, love everything.

Where to start….well, how about with something you *really* don’t like?

Think about what it is you really don’t like about whatever it is you don’t like and see what comes up for you. Is there something you don’t understand or just cannot accept about this something? Just be with these two questions if it’s not quickly clear what it is about this something that you just have never even considered loving and see what answers come.

More in a bit, in the meantime…..bring to mind something you love unequivocally and love on that.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

2 thoughts on “#1 – Love Everything

  1. Love is a matter of meaning. If love were attachment, then loving everything wouldn’t be possible. If love was desired, you wouldn’t have control over it. The love that is preached is difficult to put into practice. Love yourself as you love others is the key. How could I love myself in the same way that I love others? I think the only answer is freedom. If you love something, set it free. Loving everything is easy if all you have to do is accept it as it is, just as you accept yourself as you are.

    1. Only many do not accept (or love) themselves (or much of anything else, let alone *everything*) as they/things are…which is part of why this book is being written.

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