#2 – Love Your Community

Take a few moments now to reflect upon the community of your youth. Not the neighborhood or town, but the people in your life that made your community yours. How many of those people are part of your present day community? If it’s less than half, consider those who have gone astray and honor them as you did when you were a child; generating love for those who may still be dear to you but that have moved on for whatever reason helps not only uplift us if we’re feeling a lack in our community, it also serves to inspire a reconnection to those we no longer get to be in contact with or to reach out and re-establish a new bond if possible. It will also be felt by those you’re generating the love for and may unconsciously motivate them to reach out to you.

If more than half of the community you had in your youth are still a part of your community today, determine why that is and how you may encourage the youth, if there are any, in your community to maintain bonds as they grow for stronger communities for generations to come.

You may also want to contact each of your community members in some way to tell them you love them.

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