#2 – Love Your Self

Take some time right now to do a scan of your body. Starting at the bottom of your body, bring your attention to what feelings or sensations are present as you breathe fully in and out in a relaxed manner. Note any feelings of discomfort, tension or congestion.

*For most people the bottom of our bodies are our feet and legs, however, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you have differences with how your body presents, just start with whatever you consider the bottom of your body to be.

As you become more aware of what’s happening in your lower half, consider how much this part of your body does for you. Every. Single. Day. All. Day. Every. Day. If you are beginning to feel gratitude welling up in your heart mind, direct that to the lower half of your body right now, especially to any areas that you noticed in your scan. If you are feeling a profound sense of love for this part of your body, direct that to any or all parts of the lower half of your body. Speak or think a “thank you and I love you” to your body to help keep open the flow of these feelings in your heart mind to this part of your body.

If you are not feeling love and/or gratitude for the lower half of your body, continue to breathe fully in a relaxed manner but direct your breath in as much as you can to the lower half of your body. Imagine the air that you are circulating through your mouth and nose and lungs imbuing all the spaces in your lower half as well, creating healthier cells and energy for the free flow of movement in your muscles, bones and tissues.

This breathing into our body spaces practice is a way to communicate gratitude and love to our bodies even if we aren’t necessarily feeling these things in our heart mind. Speak or think a “thank you and I love you” to your body to help open the facilitation of these feelings in your heart mind.

After a few minutes move to the middle part of your body and repeat the steps you just did for your lower body. Pay extra attention to your heart. If you experience the feeling of any tension etc. in any areas of your middle body do your best to just breathe into them and concentrate as much gratitude and love on these areas as you can while breathe easily and fully in and out for a few minutes.

Once you feel complete in the work with your middle body move upward to the top of your body and once more use your attention to survey the horizon that includes your brain. Wherever you may feel any kind of congestion, tightness or need for extra care focus your breathing to free some space into these areas.

Once you’ve completed this journey of breath direction and awareness of gratitude and love for yourself, take a couple minutes more to reflect on what areas of your body you experienced as needing some additional support from you and if you like, note this on the page here to start a body journal of sorts so you can refer back if need be in the case of any developing health issues in the future.

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