#2 – Love What’s Fun

In the year that I’m writing this it’s a Friday. It’s quite likely that by the time this is widely available in print format this entry could be assigned to a Tuesday or Thursday. Does it really matter what day it is when it comes to loving what’s fun?

While this particular category is, for me, more challenging than most (and that in and of itself is fun in its own weird way), I hope that for you, dear reader, this day/entry of the week, whatever day it may happen to fall on, is easy for you to enjoy.

While I’m on the topic of days of the week, I can’t help but be reminded of things like days of the week undies or socks or whatever else has been created with this particular approach to keeping oneself calendarly oriented and since this has come into my mind I’m just going to take a moment to give a thanks and chuckle to whoever(s) it was that came up with such comical and practical? inventions.

Is it fun to know what day of the week it is? When you think about the relative importance that gets placed on so many of the days in the week it really is kind of bizarre and telling what makes us the unique and silly species we are. Are we having fun and don’t even know it? Take a few minutes now to ponder if you have a favorite day of the week for having fun and consider whether you can stretch that to include more days than maybe just one or two.

I’ll be breaking down each day of the week throughout this category in terms of fun, if only I could figure out how to coordinate it so that it’s always the day I’m actually writing about when you’re reading it….oh calendars!!!!!

Anyway, it’s Friday…or maybe it’s Sunday…let’s just see how much fun we can have today, no matter what the day. Ok?

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

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