#2 – Love the Earth

Where are you right now on the planet? Have you traveled around the Earth very much? Do you have any desire or means to do so?

When I was a child, I only ever traveled to the south where my family was originally from back up north where my father had relocated us to help his father with his business. I wasn’t as enamored (or terrified) as the land around my grandparent’s Georgian homes as I was with the river island we eventually settled on in West Virginia.

As with many, I imagine, the immediate world around me felt small and big at the same time – a feeling that I still experience to this day, do you? Isn’t this one of the strangest and perhaps most magical of feelings?

For today, I invite you to journal about your time in the spaces in your life that have been or are of importance to you and why. Is there somewhere that’s sacred to you that you make it a point to pilgrimage to on a regular basis? Do you have a special spot somewhere near you that you go to when you need the embrace of the natural world to comfort you? If not, consider your relationship to the natural world now for a few minutes. Do you have a relationship to the Earth that you are committed to, like any other relationship in your life?

The longer we’re on this planet the less time we have to be in relation with it, and in so many places in the world the relationship that individuals have to the Earth is quite small. The work of this book is growing our love, and thusly, our relationships with those things…how can you love more the only place you’ll ever call home? Do you really feel at home where you are? Is it time for you to be somewhere else that’s been calling to you over the air and water?

Take a few moments now to focus your attention on something living, either out of doors in a green space of sorts or if you’re inside then sit with something like a plant, pet, or other item from the natural world (rocks, shells, wood, a feather or sand will do as well – anything that’s in an unaltered state) and listen with your heart to what the Earth is saying to you about where it needs you to be.

Journal what you hear, if anything, and give thanks to all that supports you during your time here.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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