#2 – Love the Unknown

For many years now, I’ve given up the idea of having resolutions for the new year. A group of individuals I used to gather with led the inspiration for setting intentions or goals and that resonated a lot more with me then so I have continued with that approach in a mostly successful way ever since.

On the day I’m writing this it’s the start of a new lunar year, and in the Chinese culture, the year is represented by the Tiger. There is so much I don’t know about this awesome animal and yet, at the same time, I know enough to *maybe* keep me alive were I to happen upon one.

As for this new year that’s presenting itself to us all, I only have my one goal (to finish this book!) and some hopes for what may happen. If the forecast from the other side of the world is right though, we can all expect a certain amount of tumultuousness to imbue our lives – be it the good or upsetting kind!

Are you the resolution or perhaps goal setting type? Did you commit to some things on January 1 that you’ve already started to slip away from? If you’re not the resolution going type of person then what do you think about goal setting – is that something you’ve done for yourself for the new year?

If it speaks to you to revisit what you’d like to see happen in this new year then take some time now to reflect on how things have been going so far and if there’s anything that you’d like to tweak moving forward.

There’s a LOT of unknown unfolding each day and we often seem to function better when we have more of a sense of what will happen when we wake up every morning, but we certainly can’t know *everything* that will happen from the time we open our eyes until the time we close them.

Perhaps a daily goal of being open to loving whatever happens that you weren’t expecting or planning for is something that can be a part of your new year – I’m thinking only good things could happen as a result!

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