#3 – Love Everything

Ok, I’ll admit, today is a Bed In day and it’s very easy for me to love everything about Bed In days because they are days of rest and enjoyment. What’s not to love about that?

I have found much amusement in others curiosity about these “events” since I began having them a few years ago; namely because most folks, when I explain to them what they are, seem confounded….yes, Bed In’s are what you may be thinking they are – you stay in bed all day, or for two consecutive days if you can or set up your Bed In calendar for that (I’ve never done more than two days in a row).

But whatever do we do all day?!?

Umm, as long as it’s not work then the sky’s the limit – you can grab a quick bite/drink or have a luxurious shower/bath but that’s it for being out of bed….nap, watch or read something, play games, have friends over! But stay in bed.

While you’re at it, if you can get at it, because I know and am EXTREMELY grateful I can even do so, that not everyone reading this will be able to do just plan a whole day Bed In (in this case I’ll invite you to start with whatever amount of time you can manage to have mini Bed In’s until you can build up to a full day), take some time to meditate on loving everything. Everything that’s important to you, that you love, that you are gifted to have in your life, that makes your life easier and that fulfills you.

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