#3 – Love What’s Fun

When’s the last time you went cloudgazing?

Compared to the other popular sky viewing activity that seems to garner more attention than the one that just has us merely lolling about watching masses of condensed water vapor floating around in the atmosphere, cloudgazing – yes, this is a term, I just made it up – is often the thing we did as kids, or *maybeeee* as an adult on a romantic picnic date or with our kids and, depending where you live, may just not really be an activity you feel AT ALL compelled to do due to the conditions of your particular skyscape (also a word I just made up….hehe, THIS is fun already).

Ok, maybe you live somewhere where there are hardly any clouds like the Sahara Desert, if this is the case then I’ll recommend you spend some time drawing or painting or bringing up some images of clouds in your mind, on a computer if you have one or from some books you may have with images of different skyscapes in them….all the clouds, however many you can derive joy from.

The rest of you however, get to spend some time on this activity with your own personal skyscape, if of course, it resonates with you as something that’s fun. The entries in this book, especially THIS category are by no means trying to suggest that I know better than you what is fun for you…simply, that there are plenty of ways to have or things that are fun for many and to consider what could be fun for you.

Now then, are there clouds outside today when you look? There are where I am but they’re not like the ones in the image above, it’s more like the sky has been painted an entirely milky grey (stratus clouds) and so what to do if this is the case where you are? Gaze anyway. From a chair by a window if it’s too cold to be outside or outside in some space that’s comfortable for you to spend a little time in.

If you are getting a show of the most symbolic of clouds (cumulus clouds) or perhaps there’s a mix of the two aforementioned (stratocumulus) then perhaps you’ll be more excited or curious about what stories or thoughts come to you while giving yourself over to the air and water elements.

What is the sky saying to you today?

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