#3 – Love the Unknown

Every day when we wake up we really have no idea what is going to unfold in our day. If I sit with this thought too long it can feel both overwhelming and exciting, so I often just take some time, however much I can really, to consider what I know about what will most likely or needs to happen in the day ahead and then see if there’s anywhere in all of that where there’s space for wonder and love since it can feel quite challenging to love that which you don’t know. I mean, it almost runs counter to everything we’ve been conditioned to believe about how love works.

Right now as you read this, there exists both of what I’ve just mentioned – you’re probably pretty sure what’s coming as your eyes and brain take in the words as they appear but there is the unknown that can (and maybe will) occur as I write and you read.

Like for a moment I’m going to mention that I’ve had a pain in my body that has arisen from a seemingly unknown place and does not appear to want to go anywhere anytime soon. Trying to determine what has occurred while at the same time employing various methods to alleviate the discomfort has reminded me, and I always seem to get reminders when I least want them, that sometimes we just don’t get to know things. Many things really.

Physical pain has always been an interesting experience for me to observe, and like you, I’ve had my fair share, maybe more than my fair share, of physical pain in my 45 years on the planet. For the first 32 years of my life one pain in particular that was intermittent and severe went unknown as to its cause so you can imagine my delight when it was finally revealed what the source of allllllll the discomfort I’d experienced was from.

Reflecting on this, I never loved not knowing what would make this pain appear and this is what I’m sitting with today now that some other mysterious and persistent tweak has reared its head for me to contemplate.

I’m not loving the mystery of this unknown state my body is in, but I want to, and I’m bringing you along for the ride because I’m guessing you may very well have something right now in your life (or body) that is unknown that may be making you crazy, like me.

All the mental “tools” that are dancing around in my mind right now to help me address the situation seem or just are futile, actual medicine only fleetingly and somewhat helpful, but love is there. Inviting me to be with not only the pain and what it’s telling me, but also with whatever the unknown cause of the pain is…because I may just learn eventually what brought this particular experience to me (in which case that’d be nice and all but I’m fairly doubtful of that) but I may not, and that’s ok.

What I will suggest now to you is take a few minutes to observe what is unknown to you (especially if it’s causing you discomfort) and, if there’s something fairly significant then settle on that, and ask yourself how loving that could make it more manageable and intriguing rather than troublesome or painful.

So, did you see this coming?

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