#3 – Love the Earth

I live in a city that offers a variety of natural spaces to explore in all directions and for this I am grateful. As with many cities, we also have an aviary that I like to visit from time to time to experience the wonder that is its collection of birds (in addition to a sloth or two) from many places that I may never get to!

This being said, I was at our aviary recently and got to spend time with alllll the fascinating species that are currently in residence there and the one pictured (the Bali Myna or Leucopsar rothschildi) was the one out of probably a hundred that spoke to me most. Why exactly I’m not sure, but this is what I’m going to run with for today’s process.

Is there any kind of bird that you find particularly appealing or that speaks to you? It really doesn’t matter if it’s a more common bird or something as fancy as this one (the Victorian Crowned Pigeon)

The red eyes get me EVERY time for some species of birds!

So you got your bird, now it’s time to love on it….however you like, for whatever reasons and for however long feels best to you.

*A small, and somewhat ridiculous aside is trying to interject itself in here so I’m just going to let it (save going down the rabbit hole for after this process if you can) but…there are people who are making it their mission in life to handle crazy with crazy via this platform Birds Aren’t Real , so while I’m at it with the be with your favorite bird of the Earth activity just know….

Birds Are Real.

And they’re as amazing and wonderful as all other living beings on our planet sooooo….get yer love on. Right now.

Until tomorrow! Love loves to love.

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