#3 – Love Your Community

While I was on a walk the other day on the street I live on I found myself experiencing a renewed sense of love for the 70 or so individuals that are my neighbors (even though I haven’t met quite all of them just yet) as I took in the sights of their homes and different signs of life that they each bring to this one small space on our bit of Pennsylvania mountainside.

The community of trees were lit so brightly by the sun and I felt so much love for the time I was spending bathed in the same light as these beautiful beings as I walked that I wanted to share my experience with others, so I took a picture of them and continued on my way. As I got closer to the end of the street I noticed yellow spray painted dots on a number of the trees and I began thinking and feeling into what this meant for them and our community as well as recent and more historical events that have occurred on the mountainside with regards to slides and tree maintenance.

I have only lived on this street for 3.5 years but there are other residents who have lived here their entire lives. Is the street or community where you live like this? Do you know some of the folks who have lived there? Have YOU lived in the same place or on the same street your entire life?

While we don’t have to have lived in the same place forever, we are not immune to the effects that change brings when our physical environment is altered, especially if it’s in a way that isn’t desired or negatively impacts us. Have you experienced something in your immediate community that has affected your love for it? Maybe there was a falling out with a neighbor or some crime that occurred that’s left you feeling more vulnerable. If you haven’t then you’re one step ahead of the rest of us and you can just spend the next few minutes sending out love to all those on your street or block.

While I was walking back toward my home and really looking for how many trees were marked for removal (there were more than I wanted to see, I’ll tell you that much!), I paid attention to the interactions occurring in my heart mind that were both positive and negative. It was much easier for my focus to move toward the things that concerned me or that I felt could potentially bring more unease to me and my fellow residents, but as I walked and looked at all the other trees that were being spared, I allowed my feelings of joy, hope and love to embrace and shift much of the sadness, concern and frustration into thoughts of action and curiosity about the fate of our mountainside and its trees.

Is there something that you can offer for your community as inspired action out of your love to help evolve the fractured relationship you may have with that someone from earlier I asked you about? Journal the ways in which peace with this person could help uplift you both and consider some different ways in which you can be the initiative of love for right now. You don’t have to act on what you write, but seriously entertain what possibilities for a happier, more loving interactions lie ahead if you were to.

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