#4 – Love Your Work

Some of you may be familiar with the image you see here, it’s a type of labyrinth – perhaps not the kind you may have seen on canvas or taped out on a floor (the more popular design is the Chartres) – and for those who haven’t ever experienced a labyrinth I highly recommend it. Thankfully there’s a locator so you can find one wherever you are, or hopefully near-ish to wherever you are – the biggest thing to keep in mind is there’s no right or wrong way to experience a labyrinth.

So what does a labyrinth have to do with loving your work?

I’m thinking about the folks who may be noticing a lack of love for their work and wondering if the work they’re currently involved in is the work that best serves them. Is this you? Or do you feel fairly content with your work but yet feel a bit complacent with the routine of it? Taking whatever you may be experiencing with your work to the labyrinth for contemplation is an expression of love and if you have a labyrinth near you then today, make it a point to go check it out.

Other ways to experience a labyrinth are by creating one yourself (as with the classical one above that was made by Dorit Brauer) or by printing a version of one on paper that you can trace with your finger or other pointed tool. Mainly tho, people generally walk the path of the labyrinth as it’s laid out before them (if you’re thinking about mazes and about getting confused by meandering paths, know that the difference between the two is that a labyrinth only has one way in and one way out, they are generally not created to confuse, but to clarify).

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