#4 – Love the Earth

Do you have a favorite tree or other kind of plant in your life? Many people do but I’m one that does not; and it’s certainly ok if you don’t, but if you do then for today your process will be to love on this particular living earth representation in ways that perhaps you haven’t in the past.

If drawing a likeness of your natural friend or writing about them feels right then I invite you to do this right now. Or if just sitting with and connecting via your touching whatever it is that’s special to you sounds more appealing then do that. You’re free to be with this natural being in whatever way feels most loving and joyful to you in this moment.

Whatever you decide, remember that you are a part of this planetary creation and it is a part of you and that connection is the same connection that all life shares, benefits from and also can be disconnected from or damaged. Everything matters, especially the love we have and demonstrate for our more inanimate Earthmates. *Any* amount of time you can spend offering whatever your love you have for our natural world matters, to you and the world.

*I will say that there are three trees in particular behind my property which never fail to amuse and inspire me on a regular basis (given that they literally reflect in parts of their physical appearance different body parts associated with the female sex and with the act of sex as well) and that come to mind now when I think of endearing natural beings.

Whether whimsical, gigantic (like some trees in various parts of the world) or tiny, there are ALL kinds of examples of friends just waiting for you outside your door that you can make (especially if you don’t have one at the moment); so if you’re in the group of folks that don’t have a particularly special natural buddy right now, let yourself explore this as you make your way through this day to see what’s out there and trying to connect with you.

Be open. Be love.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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