#4 – Love What’s Fun

It’s another day – hooray! What fun is on your agenda for today? Do you have a day off? Or the evening off? Do you have to have some time off to have fun? Ok, maybeeee your life just isn’t fun right now, a LOT of people’s lives aren’t fun right now, I know. I have a struggling to adult in a pandemic world 19 year old and a suicidal 12 year old at the time of this writing. The kids AND the adults are *NOT* all ok.


If it’s one thing I’ve spent a LOT of time sitting with, it’s how fun is present (or not) in my life. Yes, we have to make our own fun much of the time and that’s ok, tho often, if we just look for it, fun (or some variation on it) is right there in front of us, just waiting to be had!

Something that I just realized as I was typing is that fun in and of itself is puzzling (and I’m a huge fan of board puzzles) since most of us seem to want more of it in our lives and yet struggle with how to actually have more of it at any given moment. Probably because we haven’t conditioned ourselves to (which yes, is something each and every one of us has to do for ourselves since it seems the “powers that be” forgot to leave that one out of the lineup way back when they invented the wheel) because….why?

Well, mostly because fun seems to be a loaded concept nowadays and the last thing any of us wants is to feel bad when we’re supposed to be having fun. So let’s just unpack that for a little bit here and see if we can just get to a more distilled approach to fun, no matter what our age, station in life, etc.

There’s no doubt that the ways in which we have fun throughout our lives change as we grow, though what was fun when we were younger can still be fun for us when we’re older (having adventures with friends is probably the most common way) – or perhaps the opposite is true. Are there some things that are fun for you now that weren’t fun for you as a child? Does where you are in your life affect the answer to this question or are you perhaps an individual that is still enjoying some of the same outlets in your older years as you did when you were a kid? Are there ways of having fun that you really cherished when you were younger that just kind of, disappeared that you’d like to revisit?

If so, do that now, however you can.

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