#5 – Love Your Work

It seems particularly fitting that this book is being written during a war (ok, more than one war), a pandemic, the great turning and what’s probably the most important love study unfolding ever told. My work is far from done, but I take small comfort in what I can do to ease suffering, love big and create beauty each day.

I wrote the other day about loving war, which doesn’t mean we have to like it or support it( oddly enough) and today I’ll focus on loving peace, which comprises all of my three fold purpose/work in this incarnate.

Where does your work fall when it comes to war and peace?

Take some time now to drop all the thoughts, arguments, feelings you may have stored up over the years about what you’ve been told/taught or experienced around these seemingly opposing ideas and just observe what arises when you consider what, if any, role your work has to do with the current rising death toll in Ukraine.

Some of you may feel quite removed from this idea or that your work, whatever it may be, has little to do with the lives or deaths of others, but consider for a moment whether it does, and if so, how you may want to change that – for peace and most of all, for love.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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