#6 – Love What’s Fun

Ok, maybe bowling isn’t your jam, after a couple games and even alternating between using both hands it’s not particularly fun for me either (and I like bowling!), but for today, the idea around fun that I’m inviting you to explore is one of reconsidering that which you may not think could be fun.

Have there been times when you’ve been invited to do something, maybe new or old, that you’ve declined doing because the fun factor just isn’t there? How long ago was that anyway? I’d like for you to take a few minutes now to write some items in your journal that you think would be fun to explore but you just haven’t yet (and not because money is an obstacle, tho we’ll explore that in a later entry); try to write at least three down and maybe no more than ten and if you want, rank the first three as the things you really do want to try.

Next, examine your first three items and consider why you haven’t tried them yet.

Is it because you need someone else to do these things with or are they far away and you’ll need more time than you’re willing to make to get to them? Or perhaps is it that you’re afraid to try whatever some of them are because maybe they won’t actually be as fun as you imagine? Whatever the reason/excuse, it’s time to throw all of that out the window and pick at least one thing to do, today or tomorrow if possible depending on when you’re reading this.


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