#6 – Love Your Community

There is a LOT of advice floating around on how to foster a sense of community wherever you are and that’s great if you’re somewhere where you feel there are others that have similar views about life as you, but what do you do when you are the odd one out?

Do you just keep out of the way, with your head down and focused on what you need to do in whatever the situation is? Or perhaps do you just remove yourself from the situation so you can avoid the discomfort that may arise with clashing outlooks?

If these actions resonate with you but you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to distance yourself from others and stay in your own personal comfort zone then keep reading.

It can be challenging loving a community that you are a part of given there are usually only shared views about a certain number of things, but the one thing that’s the same across all communities is a person’s need to be accepted, with all their imperfections or different views and previous experiences and wisdoms because we ALL have something to contribute to this time.

Mainly though, it seems we tend to focus on what people are not contributing and making judgements about all sorts of shortcomings we see in those around us. Tell me, what good is that doing?

Today I’m proposing you spend some time somewhere (perhaps on a bench like the one pictured) in a place where you don’t or wouldn’t normally spend time and observe those passing by and with each person you see I want you to find some way to identify with them and to send them a personal wish in your mind, be it for peace, love or success – whatever feels most appropriate.

We are living on this planet together until we pass, let’s attempt to live in community and love the whole community while we’re here.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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