#7 – Love Your Work

In the last year I’ve considered the work that I’ve come here to do. As a teenager I had many interests, but more than anything I wanted to just live in the world and have my life and see where time would take me. As I moved through my late teens and through different states and countries, I determined that my work would be to create a different kind of world to live in, via a sort of Stormking/Kennywood/Arcosanti/The Farm incarnate. 

Over the years my work took the shape of the entrepreneur spirit that constellated through me from both sides of my family and all was as well as could be as my vision morphed and my education deepened with all that inspired me and that I wanted to learn. 

By the time I turned 40 and my vision had evolved to create the world I’d imagined a couple decades prior mainly online rather than on land, it started to become clearer to me that the “work” I’d been doing for so long was all really in large part a vehicle for my purpose, which I’ve learned is different (and more meaningful) and easier to monitor when it comes to implementing the “work” that’s partnered with it. 

What is your purpose for being here and how, does it influence your work? Are they aligned and if not, why not? 

Spend however long you like contemplating this and know that at the end of the day the only work any of us have to do in this life is be ourselves. 

More on that later. 

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