#7 – Love What’s Fun

I’ve been taking a stand up comedy class at this venue for the last month and it’s been interesting, enlightening, and not as much fun as I thought it might be. Ha!

I’ve learned that while I’m curious about *many* things, that doesn’t necessarily translate to having fun learning about all those things. Yes, it’s been fun experiencing what makes comedy work, as well as meeting new people and performing for them but….performing/writing comedy IS work and not always fun work – surprise!

The class has made me consider what exactly it is I’ve determined is fun about learning (anything really) because I initially thought “What could be more fun to learn/do than comedy – the answer is in the question, right?” Basically, I’ve realized that amusement parks are more fun and doing taxes are less fun – taking a comedy class is somewhere in between.

Perhaps that’s what’s the most challenging aspect about having fun….the amount we want to have at any given time. How much fun do you want to have today? In general? Can you quantify it? If so, that’s your process for today.

Have fun! 😛

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