#7 – Love the Unknown

There are so many things we will never know. For some, including me, the idea of loving the unknown seems rather preposterous and I’ll admit, this “way to love” is probably the most challenging one to address; mainly because it involves hope and trust more than anything else as part of the process and these senses aren’t always easy to have or get – especially now or if you’ve experienced significant amounts of trauma throughout your life.

So today I want you to revisit a time, perhaps when you were even just a babe, when whatever lie ahead on your path was of little or no concern to you – when you were in the world and moving forward with your innate sense that there would continue to be steps on your path to take and you didn’t know what the future would be, but it was ok and even perhaps, exciting.

If you can’t remember a time like this then it’s ok to just imagine a time when it was reasonable to consider you were less encumbered by the experiences you had or expectations placed upon you. Once you’ve settled on something just sit and be with the space and peace that surrounds wherever you were. As with now, whatever period of time you’ve chosen to revisit represents an opportunity for you to love that which you did not know and still do not. How have you grown in love as the unknown has arrived at your heartstep?

We are as much unknown as we move through each day of our lives as anything else, if we can love whatever is coming to us, we can love everything because we are all a part of everything, no matter the lens we may be looking through or experiences we may have had.

What is one thing that is unknown to you right now that you can embrace with a loving heartmind?

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