#7 – Love The Earth

As I write this, we in the northern hemisphere are settling into the winter season – and for those of us in the northeast region of the U.S., but particularly in the westernmost part (like Western Pennsylvania), the temperatures are what seem to be the average for the beginning of winter, somewhere between the mid 20’s up to the mid 40’s – though the recent system that moved through the area had us all shivering in our long john’s as temps dropped to below zero with the wind chill and to 1° the other day!

I’ve had many shifts in my life with my relationship to the planet and its weather, having been born in the south and spending many summers there (even though my family moved north when I was young), I had a strong dislike of the high temperatures and humidity that are typical for Georgia but never really got to experience winters there – I’m still curious how they compare to PA summer’s but I’ve gotten the sense over the years, especially as our climate has been changing, that I’m not missing much.

I’ve been thinking about the weather throughout our country as we shift seasons and I find that by scouring the weather channel to see what’s happening throughout North America I feel more connected to my fellow citizens, be it in Missouri or New Mexico! Everyone, everywhere experiences seasons, whether it’s the four we observe here or the 2 or 3 that other countries closer to the equator experience in other parts of the world, and if you’re not very familiar with how Mother Nature works her stuff then I’ll invite you now to take a trip around the world to learn more about what other folks are experiencing weather-wise right now.


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