On living gracefully


You’re just in time and I’m happy you’ve arrived. Let’s keep each other company always, ok? That way we can always have each other’s backs. And fronts and sides.

So what does living gracefully look like? Since officially becoming Grace last November (and before that really but even more so after November) I’ve asked myself that question multiple times a day – it was definitely the impetus for changing my name since I was not always able to be as graceful as I would’ve liked, heck, are any of us ever as graceful as we’d like to be? Well, perhaps not as much as we’d like to be but I imagine, in most cases, we are as graceful as much as we can be given the circumstance.

Graceful is defined as characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant. To live this way, regardless of your circumstance, is perhaps more idealistic than is reasonable for some, maybe many even, but I’m pretty sure it all just comes down to perspective. Also, striving for the ideal is within all of our abilities, regardless of your circumstance.

Of course when we look at elegance as part of gracefulness it’s easy to see where there may be some divide in how what we see ourselves as being defined unfortunately affecting whether we can be indeed graceful. Leaving the superior, dignified, refined aspects of elegant aside, let’s focus on the remarkably good part of elegance for just a moment – so much about us is that we are good, many times, remarkably so and we can hold on to that and work with that for the time being if that’s all we’ve got.

Because then there’s also beauty tucked in there and we all know about that being in the eye of the beholder so what if you don’t feel beautiful, can you still be graceful, live life gracefully? Of course you can. We all can. We would ALL benefit from being graceful and over the coming days, weeks, etc. I’ll be writing and encouraging you, giving examples and sharing my own experiences with you so that we can live gracefully, beautifully, and all the other good ways there are to live.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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