Changing with the seasons

With each change of season differences in the body and mind surface. When we’re aware of these differences occurring we can adjust our daily practices accordingly to maximize how we move through each season.

Autumn is a wonderful time for letting go of the intensity of summer and the frenetic pace that accompanies the heat of the sun. However, it can be challenging transitioning to a slower pace because we live in a time where rarely stopping is rewarded more than admonished.

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, and often telling us that it’s not happy or healthy, but we have gotten less and less connected with our body and talking with it in the name of advancing our lives or relationships or personal achievements.

I would like to invite you this season to honor what your body is saying to you. Perhaps it needs to stop moving so much, or maybe it needs to move in different ways. It IS communicating with you tho, right now even. So pause from reading this and just turn your attention inward for a few minutes. If you want to get into a more comfortable position to do this go ahead. But just breathe and really tune in to all the parts of your body and see what they may be saying. Make a mental or actual note of anything that comes up and thank your body for telling you what it needs.

Then, after you’ve given yourself this time, honor your bodies request(s) – be it by bathing in the forest (or in your bathtub) or taking a nap. Maybe your body needs to dance or just lie down for a bit and rest. But it WILL tell you, more often than not, what will help it to be healthier and happier. No matter what the season ❤️

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