Have you figured out the mystery to making new friends ?

This will be submitted to the Invisibilia podcast as they’re thinking about this for an upcoming show and after 35 some odd years working on this, I think I’ve solved it.* As someone who has a special interest in people (but not necessarily in making new friends) and who is also more content being aloneContinue reading “Have you figured out the mystery to making new friends ?”

Changing with the seasons

With each change of season differences in the body and mind surface. When we’re aware of these differences occurring we can adjust our daily practices accordingly to maximize how we move through each season. Autumn is a wonderful time for letting go of the intensity of summer and the frenetic pace that accompanies the heatContinue reading “Changing with the seasons”

On living gracefully

Hi. You’re just in time and I’m happy you’ve arrived. Let’s keep each other company always, ok? That way we can always have each other’s backs. And fronts and sides. So what does living gracefully look like? Since officially becoming Grace last November (and before that really but even more so after November) I’ve askedContinue reading “On living gracefully”