Wow, what a frenetic few months! As I’ve transitioned out of the quieter, more reflective solace of winter, spring has embraced me, shaken me (like the bottle of carbonated water I never thought of myself as) and popped me open….with a force I knew existed in me, but that rarely shows itself.

Except when needed.

If ever there were a time that dynamic, forceful and very specific energy is needed, it’s definitely now. Everywhere I look I see change in all directions, energies scrambling for somewhere to focus on and grow, faces passes by that tell me exactly what needs to be happening.

I’m gonna skip past the diatribe so many of you are familiar with at this point (you know the one….we’re all going to hell in a hand-basket, the war can’t be won, and so on) and get straight to the active hope part, which is, how are we going to love today? What are we committing to in this age of madness (literally) so that Earth may possibly continue?

As my education living on this gorgeously, terrifying, awe inspiring in its power planet continues with such fine folks (like those at The Lake Erie Institute and their wonderful Ecopsychology program) aand others, my brain has been surging with ideas, solutions, goals and the like that are thankfully, continuing carry me through each day….even whilst my teenager daughter communicates anguish to me over how short her life very possibly may be given the state our world is in.

As I work through the details of some of the new services I’ll be offering, I can’t help but be reminded of how I got to where I am now. There was much physical and emotional suffering throughout my childhood as a result of ignorance, disconnectedness, and misguided goals for what makes a life worth living and there’s not a day that doesn’t pass that I’m reminded of how a certain degree of suffering can (and did for me) make us stronger in our journeys.

What’s your journey been like? How has it shaped where you’re going or where you’ve been? I’m curious to know.

Let’s keep helping each other ok? No more of this insane divisiveness that’s killing everything and everyone.

Until we meet again, in stewardship and love –


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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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