2019 is off to a wonderful start, be it with a lovely intern assisting to share in the many discoveries in the healing arts world that can be utilized or the new space that we’re calling home for now for treatments (think Waterfont), I almost don’t know where to begin with the updating. Tho there really isn’t anywhere to start but at the beginning I suppose!

At some point in 2018 it became clearer to me that ecopsychology was the branch of psychology that was missing from the milieu of the social sciences tree that would’ve been what I’d have pursued in my youth with continuing education (and I did, but in different ways than what’s available now in formal settings!)

Suffice to say, I’ve enrolled in an ecopsychology certificate program that begins next month that will take me through the rest of the year and will help with incorporating more of the various practices found in this field for the offerings at TimeSpaceOne Healing Arts. I’m very excited!

Another regular event that you may have seen or even taken part in is the Bed In Movement (which actually officially started in late 2018), which aims to stop us all in our tracks for a day or two (depending on the month) and help us to have more fun, care for ourselves, and enjoy life in bed. Be on the lookout for the Bed In facebook page so you can “host” your own Bed In’s and share with the rest of the world.

May we all bed in peace until we meet again ❤️

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