#4 – Love Your Community

Throughout the world there are more communities than we’ll ever be able to experience. Even in whatever place you may be living or transiting through, there are likely more communities than you’ll be a part of….for however much longer you live. Our one world community can also feel alternately overwhelming to grasp and yet insular or too provincial at times, so today I’ll just settle our focus on a community or part of a community that’s resonating strongly for you even if you’re not a part of it but perhaps want to be and just can’t for whatever reason.

For example, for the last little more than 2 years I’ve become a part of a growing community of individuals that are working to build the region’s first ecovillage (we’re in the Pittsburgh, PA part of the US) and while a few of us knew each other from the ongoing work over the past 20 years of attempting to secure land to build on, many of us only got to know each other since the start of 2020.

While it’s not clear for me at this point whether I’ll be able or desiring (for a couple reasons, not related to the people however) to be a resident at Rachel Carson EcoVillage, the place I’ve secured as a member in this community from my being an active member of it is felt and is something I take comfort in without having any secure sense of what the future holds in relation to my place in it moving forward.

Do you have some connection already like this with a community of sorts? Take a few minutes to consider what communities you’re a part of and if there’s one in particular that you want to send some love to now. Just close your eyes and bring your awareness to the people (and/or other living beings represented) and let your heartmind experience all the love, joy and gratitude you have for this group for as long as you desire and that feels good.

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