#4 Love the Unknown

I’ve got elements on my mind today – specifically water. Which I suppose if I want to be accurate with my description then it’s the product of the elements (two hydrogen and one oxygen) that has me feeling both curious and open to growing my love for with you right now. Definitely will get to the other products of elements throughout this work as well but for now….H₂O it is!

Unless you’re an…..alien, and maybe even if you are an alien, chances are you already have some kind of relationship to water and quite possibly, a good one at that. Or maybe you’ve had some experiences that are fairly awful with this element (yes, I’m reverting to calling it an element, just go with me on this ), I’ve certainly had a couple in my life!

For many, being curious about or loving on water isn’t exactly a daily thing. Granted, a lot more of us may very well now be having quite the opposite feeling about water given the rising sea levels that are challenging various groups of people and other living beings. But water remains a life giving component to us all, and whether there’s too much that is not as useful (polluted or of the salt variety) or not enough that is, it is the vastness of just how much of it that comprises our planet and its depths that is where my heartmind is being drawn to at this moment.

The first time I went snorkeling in Culebra over a couple decades ago, I could only stand to be in the water a few moments because I was so struck with a longing that I can only describe as wanting to return “home” (and knowing then that that really wasn’t an option) because everything around me felt so familiar and of course was so amazing to glimpse. I’ll say that it is my desire to now live on and in the ocean whenever I can!

Travel with me now to the water that speaks most to you and everything you know and don’t know about it. In your minds eye can you see the water that’s most present with you? Maybe it’s not a body of water per se, but some experience you’ve had with it that has stuck fast to your heart mind and isn’t letting go. What is your relationship with this particular water? What else do you or could you know about it? Is it speaking to you in ways you’ve not been listening to before now?

After a time that feels right for you, journal what comes up while you sit with this – also, if there’s a particular water that’s resonating or calling to you to be near, can you arrange to visit it?

The stronger our love is for what we love, the more we will want to grow that love and care for what it is we love – and there is no question that our worlds water needs as much love as it can get right now. Spend these last few minutes of today’s process generating and putting forth love for all that you know and don’t know about our wet and wondrous friend.

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