#4 – Love Everything

So….what’s in your day today? Depending on when you’re reading this it could be more than you can imagine, already almost complete, or somewhere in between. Wherever it is that you’re at in this day, for a few moments, pause to inventory even just a portion of what’s already been, what’s very fresh in the last hour or two or that’s about to happen.

Has what’s occurred been what you thought would occur? Was love a part of it? Can it be right now and moving forward? If you didn’t imbue what’s already passed with love why didn’t you?

Like the image above, it seems that the hinderance we can experience with what comes to us is that it can seem like one thing when really it’s something else….and if or when we realize this, we can get stuck with our own desires not accepting what is, which can make loving something (or everything!) more challenging, if not seemingly downright impossible.

Granted, loving everything is a fairly complex process, some certainly posit that it’s little more than a fools errand – but let’s just assume for now that it is since I’m finding in my own life that’s its gotten easier and easier to do this the more I practice.

How, you ask? By breaking everything down into smaller, more easily lovable parts.

Essentially, everything that’s happening in your life has to do with you, how you’re experiencing the minutes, hours, days. So when allllll the things that come to you do, you’re given the opportunity to accept or reject them, love or hate them and all the things in between those opposites.

By dissecting whatever it is you may be struggling with, look at what’s happening in your heartmind when you see all the components that comprise your particular challenge. By determining the parts that you can (and do) love about what’s presented itself to you it can be easier to see that while initially, it may not have seemed that you could or maybe even wanted to love what landed in your world; the act of taking time to process and evaluate what’s to love in the thing (or person/experience/etc) that’s in front of you is time well spent.

There is always something to love in everything, especially right now.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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