#5 – Love the Unknown

I received news the other day that a friend from high school had passed away, by his own hand, though there was nothing directly pointing to that being the cause – perhaps some of my former classmates and group of friends were in on the conversation offline or elsewhere, but it seemed clear enough that ole “Otto” had had enough of this life and so had departed.

If you’ve been alive for any length of time you’ve experienced death in some form or another. Sometimes it’s welcome, but mostly it seems we are not rushing toward it with open arms. Or are we?

We live, it seems, at a dizzying speed these days – the well oiled machine that capitalism has created in our culture would have us spinning continuously, and more unaware than not, until we collapse, utterly exhausted, defeated and despairing. So yes, not rushing in to death, but certainly not doing what we can to live a long and healthy life.

I had reconnected with Otto a few years back and he seemed to still possess the same sardonic sense of humor and outlook that he had when we were teens…only he’d suffered some additional heartache and seemed to be stuck and/or directionless. We did not continue to stay in touch after having a few conversations as it didn’t seem there was much to reconnect over, he lived in a different city and traveling several hours to visit or do things wasn’t something that either of us were very inclined to do at the time and well….the “stuckness” I sensed in him left me feeling somewhat helpless as to any effect I may be able to impart on his spirit. Not that that would’ve been the only reason to remain connected (but I do carry some kind of responsible feeling for uplifting others for what it’s worth).

I’ve been processing the transformation that has occurred for Otto over the last few days, as well as conversing with Death, who is always by my side – so I’ll invite you now to do the same for however long is comfortable for you.

Some things to ask Death could be:

  • Can you help me understand you?
  • Will you stay with me as I pass into the unknown?
  • Are there aspects of myself that no longer serve me that need to be put to rest?
  • How can I resolve to have peace with you?

Rest in Power, Peace and Puns Otto, you rascal ❤️

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