#6 – Love Your Work

We will do all kinds of work in our life, whether for money, advancement, or self discovery – all because we are unable not to produce something for even our smallest efforts, such is the wonder of our ability.

What love has to do with this is about the pleasure we experience from working – be it land or other materials or with groups of people. It is sometimes, or even often, that we grump about work and in some instances it’s to be expected, but what we’ll focus on today is loving our work.

I’ve shared an image of the house I purchased a few years ago that I’ve been busy making a home and there were many days when I felt nothing but exhaustion and confusion while hauling debris, painting, or troubleshooting yet another issue that often seemed to appear overnight. I did not feel love for the work I was doing for the first couple years and while I’m ok with that now, my sharing this with you is to help make today and every day moving forward with whatever your work is more loving.

Which brings me to the question I’ll pose for you now – what aspect of all the work in your life right now is lacking love? Spend a few minutes now considering this and if something pushes itself out ahead of maybe a few things then take note in your journal of whatever it is that feels biggest, but go ahead and also include anything else that’s present as well.

From whatever you’ve noted, focus on what feels the most pressing right now and ask yourself the following:

What has happened thats made this situation lack love?

What can I do to make this situation have more love?

How can I best love myself in this situation?

When you have the answers to these questions, which I know you’ll be able to arrive at, implement them and see what shifts occur.

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Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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