#6 – Love the Earth

I recently spent some time with a new friend who was celebrating her birthday by having folks over for a bit of creative painting and taco consumption. There wasn’t any theme or instruction for the painting, just follow your vision and have fun…which is JUST the kind of launch point I like!

Loving the Earth is always on my heartmind and today’s no exception – so for this day I’ll suggest that you explore whatever creative outlet you find enjoyable to express your love for our world. Give yourself about 5 minutes to consider what comes through you when approaching this process for today. Be easy with yourself and keep it simple. Your expression of love for the Earth can be an offering of song to a tree or a haiku floated on a body of water near you….or anything in between.

Enjoy your love of our beautiful planet today.

Published by TimeSpaceOne

Here to love big, ease suffering, and create beauty!

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