#7 – Love Everything

Image credit: Waking Up

I was awoken by 5 gunshots at 3:30 today and a few minutes later, after having notified the police, another single shot fired. I called 911 again to report what I’d heard and then lay in my bed marveling at the timing of everything.

I had signed up to complete a half day online silent meditation retreat with Sam Harris and other practitioners through the Waking Up app and it was available to me as of noon yesterday, which was when I was planning on completing it….but life, as it often does, interrupted my plans and I found myself beginning the retreat at 4am this morning.

Between the hours spent in silence, the soothing calm of voices from folks like David Whyte and Jayasāra and today’s entry looming with the echoes of the ever present in our society today firearm, I wasn’t sure how things would turn out.

But as the hours of the wee morning passed into time spent with young souls and older and even invisible to the naked eye ones, it became clear to me that loving this particular invitation was possible because it was just another manifestation of fear and while it can be challenging to love fear it is part of everything and so…..

Wherever you are right now, I’m going to ask that you bring to mind your greatest fear and love on it however you can for at least FIVE minutes.


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