#8 – Love Your Work

I have two cats and in my home there are four cats, the other two belong to my older daughter that’s living at home again for an undetermined time. The work of introducing mine to hers has not been easy and has ultimately resulted in the house being divided into two areas where the furry beasts have their own territories without any overlap – thank goodness for doors!

Since these new fur babes have joined the home I’ve been considering all the different elements that factor into work in a life. The obvious pay-the-bills work only really begins to scrape the surface of what constitutes, for many, more than something that needs to be done – the overall picture of all the time we’re here begs the question, what are we doing to achieve our purpose?

I was listening to the podcast Hidden Brain recently where the person being interviewed was sharing ways in which our sense of purpose can be determined and three different ways were mentioned: something happens in your life that may be fairly extreme that serves as a wakeup call to what you actually want to be doing, you’re inspired by another’s example who are living their purpose, and you gradually realize over time through passions you’ve explored what is you’re being called to bring forth in your life.

So I ask you today, what is your work? Are you on the path of it or perhaps still discovering whether you even believe in such a thing?

One thing is for certain, be it cats or kids or whatever’s paying the bills….the work in this life isn’t over until we are!

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