#9 – Love Your Work

The day that I’m writing this is the Spring Equinox and I slept 6 hours last night; upon waking, my mind reported that it was READY for action by bombarding me with no less than what felt like a billion ideas all at once (I do not particularly relish waking up like this) and so….I did what I usually do, which is to take a seat in the theatre of my mental realm for an early morning show.

The gratitude and love I feel for being able to do this *work* is no less than a ton.

I know I am privileged enough to be able to, for the most part, rise when I choose (tho sometimes it really does feel like my body has been hijacked by my brain), and by rise I mean lie in bed waiting for the rest of my body to catch up to whatever forces are at play in my head – and take time to write, prepare for the day’s tasks, have a cup of something tasty and generally just feel amazed that I get to even have another day to be with people that I love, do things that help others, and overall not waste any precious moment or breath while I’m here.

I’ve been considering what all of our shared work is as of late and across the board it appears that it’s not equal, tho when I look a little deeper I think that if we all can answer the question of “What does a well worked life look like?” we may very well find that our answers are not so different.

But let’s see….with a new season of harrowing whatever soil needs it to make way for what’s to come and another being released into the past, ask yourself this: What no longer serves my work that I can toss out? What do I need to focus in on moving forward with this day to work whatever I’m privileged to have access to so that my life is in accordance with my purpose?


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