#9 – Love the Unknown

I’m a pretty proactive person when it comes to my health and within the limits of what insurance will cover (or what I can afford to pay for out of pocket), I do my part to know about what’s happening in and on my body, since I’ve had a body that didn’t quite develop in the “traditional” way.

No, I’m not an alien, but I play one sometimes on social media.

Something I’ve always appreciated about other schools of thought is the concept of self knowledge, whether this is about the physical or mental body is ultimately up to the individual, but I’m inclined to think it’s both….and even though I don’t think I’ll ever know everything I want to know about either my physical or mental body, I *do* feel like I’m doing my part to get to some more arrived place where I can accept whatever it is I know along with whatever it is I don’t know.

Recently, I had a visit to the dermatologist for a check up….and I had some questions. Mainly they were about what are all these different spots and bumps appearing in different places all over me (beyond the hundreds of cherry angioma’s and freckles/moles that seem to by multiplying as I age)?

The most entertaining answer to one area (below my breast, as shown in the pic above) where some mysterious marks appeared in the last few years were that they are “wisdom spots” or what some wiser folks know to be Seborrheic Keratosis.

Which leads me to the process invitation for you today – and that is, what have you been wondering about yourself that its time to explore more deeply? Is there something happening on or in your body that needs a check in with a healthcare provider? Perhaps there’s something in your mind that’s been simmering way too long that needs just a bit more of your attention to get to the bottom of for freeing you to be a calmer, more loving you.

Take however long you need right now to look carefully at yourself if you haven’t recently and see if there are questions about you that you don’t have answers for and pick what you want to explore moving forward and then go!

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