#9 – Love What’s Fun

Jessica’s Labyrinth @ Chatham University

It’s May 6th when I’m writing this and the day (actually the first Saturday of May) has been dubbed World Labyrinth Day – perhaps my favorite day (that I only just became aware of yesterday 😆) as I trained many years ago to become a labyrinth facilitator and love love LOVE all things labyrinth related…even if I’ve been a bit out of the loop regarding things like WLD.

But in terms of fun, ohhhh man, there are few things funner (ok, roller coasters are certainly in the top three) than a labyrinth walk. You may be thinking otherwise, but in addition to being settling to the brain due to the shape of the path, if you want to vary the way you experience it (skipping, crawling, running) then there’s plenty of entertainment to be had in this 4,000 year old creation.

If you’re not sure whether a labyrinth exists in your area you can check out the Labyrinth Locator or join the WLD online celebrations at the World Labyrinth Day site – enjoy!

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